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We are looking for member who are willing to work together. Racing is still encouraged and remains an important part. Members are welcome to race if they choose to do so.

However, the best reason of all is the opportunity to connect with other riders. With over 160 members in our club, you are sure to find a group. Each ride indicates the expected pace and distance of the ride.

Track Development Meet 3 (2019)

Track Development Meet

Track Development Meet 4 (2019)

Track Development Meet

National Time Trial (2019)

Time Trial

National Track Cycling Championship (2018)

National Championships

Track Development Meet 5 (2019)

Track Development Meet

National Road Championship Elite & Masters (2018)

National Championships

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 With a mission to improve lives through bicycling, we teach the joys of bicycling, advocate for safe places to ride, and produce world-class rides and events.

Executive Team


Dr. Wayne Palmer

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Anthony Ebanks

1st Vice President
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Adrian Clarke

2nd Vice President
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Donna-Kaye Sharpe

General Secretary
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Janneillle Morgan